Wagon Wheel House
Meeteetse, Wyoming
For Sale

We have a booming Vacation Rental Business here. It's only our 2nd year, but the 1st year was phenomenal and 2021 is tracking to  waaayyy better!

Nonetheless, we are offering the Property to New Owners!

Permanent Home, Vacation Home or Vacation Rental.


What follows are simply the facts.

We are smack dab in the middle of the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

No marketing, no Real Estate Agency. We will pay NO Commission to anyone.

If you choose to have a Realtor involved, that will be at your expense. Likewise, we will encourage you to have the Contract provided reviewed by legal council. Again, on your dime.

We do intend to Owner Finance. Very few forms/applications to fill out, beyond Credit Report.

#1) - Please understand that we already have booked guests most of the time through

August 2021. We are holding off after that for the time being.

Therefore, possession is not available until September 1, 2021 under existing conditions.

We are realizing a very nice return as a Vacation Rental, and you might, as well.

Yet, Meeteetse is Great Place to Retire, no question. (Don't have to lock your doors, even. ;)

#2) - Viewing and/or staying at the property will be available a LIMITED number of days.

Full price will be charged for anyone requesting overnight stay, but should a contract & sale result, those fees will be reimbursed completely.

#3) Maybe obvious, or maybe not: Everything Works.

Be glad to share Guest reviews. (Income numbers as well, for qualified Buyers)

When you have different people and families, from all over the country, staying for various periods of time, you'd know if stuff needed attention. Our policy has always been NO Pets.

The Property was completely remodeled by Contractors just 2 years ago.

While not currently licensed in Wyoming, all work was done by a formerly Licensed General Contractor for the last 40 years in 4 states (including California).

Wyoming has no ability for paying Inspectors outside of the larger cities, therefore only those few who work in municipalities, primarily, are licensed.

Therefore, ANY property in the County has not been inspected by any state/county/city authorized representative. Knowing what you are buying is especially important out West.

Nonetheless, a full One Year Home Warranty will be provided to New Owner, free of charge.

Current AVAILABLE Days & night OF  for viewing:

 June 19,  June 23

 July 13,  July 26

 August 8     * Possibly others

The House is +/- 1650 SF

Baseboard Boiler Heat- Natural Gas - new gauges/valves

No A/C - we see no need for it.

HEATED (nat gas)  2 car garage with exterior door +/- 810 SF

Private, small lot with no adjacent neighbors - within Town Limits (pop. 327) 

City Water, City Sewer, Dumpster and Fire Hydrant across the street

Small easily maintained, fenced yard 30' x 45'

A 12' x 14' Metal Building for storage (that is old and could use some roof work, but has been sufficient)

Metal Roof over House & Garage is in excellent shape

Concrete Patio

Fabulous views and, of course, the peace and quiet of Meeteetse. 

If you don't know what we mean by that, look around this site or come visit.

3BR - Currently have 2 King Beds and 1 Queen (fyi)

2Bath (some count baths differently > 1 bath has only a corner shower, the other a bathtub)

Great Room, with delineated DR area. As one should note from rooting around on the site (see Gallery), there is 1 main kitchen and 1 executive kitchen, but 2 full size refrigerators and a small undercounter type in Garage. Floorplan allows for complete Separate Master Suite w/ own exit, if desired.

We are offering the Property:

(1) As is where is, for $150.00 per approx. square foot (+/- 1650) or $247,500.

Building Prices can easily be multiple times that, even some housing in Cody (30 miles North) is twice that for similar aged properties. Fact.

(2) Fully Furnished, as is, for an additional $25,000.00 or a total of $272,500.  

(3) Financing:

Minimum 20% down, balance from 4.0 % interest, amortization for 15 years, final numbers may vary. 

(4) CONTRACT will NOT be on a napkin. This is not our 1st Rodeo and hope it isn't yours. Contract will be prepared by a well-respected, local Real Estate Attorney. No surprises for anyone.

If you have any interest or questions, please be in touch.  The information provided here is, obviously, general in nature and subject to further discussions/negotiations.